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Ski Touring in Romsdalen

Romsdalen is home of the Troll Wall, the steepest rock face in Europe. It's also where you'll find some of the most beautiful ski tours of western Norway. This guide covers them all!

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Ski Touring in Romsdalen, by Halvor Hagen.
Ski Touring in Romsdalen, by Halvor Hagen.

Throughout history, Romsdalen has welcomed climbers, trekkers, adventurers and BASE jumpers. There is a special quality to these fjords and peaks which invites you to explore them and get to know them. Ski Touring in Romsdalen will let you do just that.

Though it will not tell you the best way to ski the Troll Wall like Kilian Jornet did, it will help you on the way! The guidebook covers the Rauma valley as well as Skorgedalen, Isfjorden, Innfjorden/Måndalen and Trollstigen. When developing Ski Touring in Romsdalen, we created a custom map with all routes and approaches pencilled in. This map is sold seperately here.

The Romsdalen region encompasses a few dramatic fjords watched over by majestic mountains, most of which are skiable and described in detail in this guide book. There are easily accessible ascents like in the Isfjorden area, which includes the pittoresque classic tour Kyrkjetaket. On the other side of the fjord, giants like Store Venjetind climb high above. Further towards Innfjorden, a classic mountain like Blånebba welcomes all comers. Ski Touring in Romsdalen tells includes these and more, containing a total of 50 mountains.

Ski Touring in Romsdalen by clicking here!

The book includes pictures and route recommendations. Several descents are available for most tours, making it possible to find something suitable for your level no matter the conditions. There are aerial photos of each peak and visual as well as written descriptions of each tour. Detailed information about approaches, steepness and potential hazards accompany every tour suggestion.

About the author

Halvor Hagen (b 1971) has lived in Isfjorden for over 20 years and is a passionate skier and rock climber. He is a full time IFMGA mountain guide, and been working in the Romsdalen area for the past twenty years. Ski Touring in Romsdalen is his first publication.

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Publisert 21. mars 2019 kl 14.05
Sist oppdatert 21. mars 2019 kl 14.05
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