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Arctic Ice Climbing

The first comprehensive guide to world class ice climbing. 93 spectacular routes from Møysalen to Bardu.

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Arctic Ice Climbing Fri Flyt book cover Christian Dramsdahl
Arctic Ice Climbing is a climbing guide for Northern-Norway above the arctic circle written by Christian Dramsdahl and published by Fri Flyt
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The mountains north of the Arctic circle are sure to lure both skiers and climbers alike to some of the most spectacular scenery for alpinism outside of the alps. The entire region between the more well-known Lofoten and Lyngen has a myriad of hidden gems and lesser-known territories. Explore the mountains and waterfalls of Spansdalen, Møysalen, Gratangen and much more.

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The author of this book is fresh off publishing a ski touring guide for the entire area, and follows it up with the first ever detailed ice climbing guide, covering a large area between Møysalen and Bardu, with visits to Riksgränsen and Abisko in Sweden as well as Harstad and its surrounding areas. This is the home of some world class ice climbing routes.

Explore the infamous Skredbekken, a 700m long epic found in Sørdalen. Conquer the majestic lines in the characteristic mountains of Møysalen national park. Take the short trip over to the swedish border territory of Riksgränsen and Abisko for reliable conditions and challenging, yet easily reachable crags. All this while breathing the cold air of the arctic and maybe even witnessing the magical northern lights.

Arctic Ice Climbing covers the following areas:

  • Bardu

  • Lavangen/Salangen

  • Riksgränsen / Abisko

  • Gratangen

  • Evenes/Skånland

  • Harstad

  • Tjeldsund

  • Møysalen national park

The book is written in English and has 277 pages. All routes graded by WI/M ranging from WI2 to WI6.

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Fri Flyt publishing is well-known for defying the genre of ski touring and climbing guides in Norway and Scandinavia. The book has many illustrations from the climbs, each route features aerial photography, marked route and alternative route as well as descent. The maps in the book cover the parking and approach for each route. The book also includes a large section on safer ice climbing, tips for gear use, placement and maintenance as well as avalanche safety and other risks associated. Arctic Ice Climbing opens a new frontier of world-class ice climbing lines waiting to be discovered by you.

About the author

Christian Dramsdahl has also recently published a Toppturer rundt Harstad, a ski touring book for the Harstad area in norwegian. Christian has been skiing and climbing in the arctic region for decades. 

Publisert 25. februar 2020 kl 11.05
Sist oppdatert 25. februar 2020 kl 11.05
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