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Norway, naturally

The whole country and its' most beautiful experiences, revealed: It's Norway, naturally. An inspiring book for visitors of all kinds.

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Norway, Naturally also known as Norske Perler in norwegian, written by Trygve Sunde Kolderup on Fri Flyt forlag
Norway, Naturally also known as Norske Perler in norwegian, written by Trygve Sunde Kolderup on Fri Flyt forlag
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Originally published in norwegian as Norske perler, meaning "Norwegian pearls", even local norwegians were surprised and impressed by the beautiful experiences documented in this book. Norway, Naturally aims to give an insider's perspective on what can be found both on and off the beaten track, usually way up in some remote fjord, out at sea, or in alpine terrain.

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The whole country is represented, and the writer, Trygve Sunde Kolderup, has admitted to having difficulties with making a fair selection. There's simply too much to choose from! Both winter and summer activities, wet and dry ones, can be found described in this book. For each destination, you get detailed travel instructions, tips for performing said trip, tips about gear and practical information.

Discover "everything"

Through Norway, Naturally, you'll encounter some of the most famous attractions, but also the hidden gems right next to and around them. Areas like Hardanger, Sogn, Jotunheimen, Sunnmøre, Romsdalen, Helgeland, Lofoten and even Svalbard are featured in the book. Here you will find tips for hiking and long walks, adventure biking, alpine climing, kayaking, skiing and ski touring, sightseeing and much more.

The author

The book is written by Trygve Sunde Kolderup. Trygve is a former editor at UTEmagasinet, and a founder and operator of Hvitserk, one of Norway's leading tour operators, taking norwegians on famous expeditions for many years. Now he works as the editor of Fjell og vidde, the member's magazine for the norwegian tourist organisation DNT. Trygve has written several books about outdoor adventures, travelling and ski touring.

Publisert 29. mai 2019 kl 14.22
Sist oppdatert 29. mai 2019 kl 14.22
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