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Ski Touring in Troms

The definitive guide to arctic backcountry skiing. 116 mountains in Kvaløya, Lyngen, Tromsø, Kåfjord and more!

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Ski Touring in Troms, by Espen Nordahl
Ski Touring in Troms, by Espen Nordahl
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Troms is a place where everyone does ski touring. You won't be surprised to see a whole family on a sunday trip up one of the easier peaks like Rødtind. Simultaneously, the Troms region is home to some of the most spectacular and challenging peaks you'll ever dream of skiing, and this guide book will show you how.

Local expert Espen Nordahl's book Ski Touring in Troms is considered the book, a veritable bible of ski touring for locals and tourists alike. Since its first publication in 2010, Ski Touring in Troms has established itself as one of the best-selling regional guidebooks in Scandinavia. The english version is revised several times over with updated information about classic tours and hidden gems.

Ski Touring in Troms contains detailed route and approach descriptions and basic maps. It covers a large area of the arctic coast, covering 116 mountains in the areas Malangen, Kvaløya, Ringvassøya, Tromsø and Tromsdalen, Balsfjorden, Tamokdalen, the Lyngen alps, the Kåfjord alps, Uløya, Kågen and Senja. The ski tours range from afternoon walks to steep, no-fall-zone couloirs. No matter your level, Ski Touring in Troms is a satisfying and informative guide book.

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For this kind of terrain, safety is of the utmost importance. The author Espen Nordahl has made safety information a priority in this book. With each tour, you will find alternative routes for descents, maps with detailed markings, GPS coordinates, ATES certification and information about potential hazards.

In addition, be sure to check out or high quality maps of the covered area in this guidebook. There is one covering the eastern Lyngen section, and one for the eastern Tromsø section.

About the author

Espen Nordahl (born 1960) is also co-author of the book Safer Ski Touring in Norway and an active contributor to avalanche research and safety in Norway. Reading a book written by Espen, project lead for CARE at the arctic university of Tromsø and avalanche reporter for the region, you can trust that you have as comprehensive and safe information as possible in this guide.

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Publisert 21. mars 2019 kl 13.50
Sist oppdatert 21. mars 2019 kl 13.50
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