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Safer Ski Touring in Norway

There are ample opportunities for ski touring in Norway without the risk. This book points to exactly 111 destinations suitable for safe touring. Safer Ski Touring teaches you valuable safety lessons and helps you find your ideal trip in Romsdalen, Tromsø, Lofoten, Sunnmøre, and all over Norway!

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Safer Ski Touring in Norway is a tool for explorers. It's a handbook for those who wish to find Norway's most exciting winter adventures on their own, without putting themselves through unneccesary risks. This book is more than just a guide. It contains thorough safety information with detailed recommendations for safe ascents and descents. Over 100 different routes are described and mapped out, with pictures, maps and coordinates.

Safer Ski Touring in Norway gives you the safest routes for all of the most popular ski touring areas in Norway, from north to south. The book has in-depth chapters about iconic areas such as Lyngen, Lofoten, Jotunheimen, Sunnmørsalpene and Romsdalen, but there are also routes through less frequented regions such as Sogn, Stryn, Sunndalsfjella, Narvik and Senja.

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This book offers a new approach to the guide book format. It's perfect for those who are just starting out with ski touring, or looking to up their ski touring skills to the next level. It encourages greater confidence in choosing routes and making safer choices for your tours, and offers that extra local knowledge you need to conquer new territory. 

Safer Ski Touring in Norway has recommendations from the most popular ski touring areas in Norway. We have prioritized tours that are available no matter the conditions, and which are relatively safe at all times of years. We have picked out trips which avoid avalanche terrain and offer a safe experience coupled with real quality: Ski tours recommended in this book aim to give you a safe experience coupled with a great ride and great scenery.

Please note: You can never be 100% safe from all harm when ski touring. Even these safe trips demand certain skills and safety precautions to be made. You still need to consider weather conditions, avalanche terrain and your own limitations. Safer Ski Touring in Norway is a tool to help you make these evaluations, to enable you to have a great ski touring experience and to get you home safe afterwards.

About the authors

ESPEN NORDAHL, project lead for CARE – Center for Avalanche Research and Education at UiT Arctic University of Norway, avalanche reporter for NVE and author of the book Ski Touring in Troms
ERLEND SANDE, editor-in-chief at Fri Flyt AS and co-author of the book Ski Tours in Norway.

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Sist oppdatert 18. mars 2019 kl 09.58
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