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Ski Touring Around Narvik

A comprehensive guide covering the mountains in the Narvik area. Get inside knowledge about northern Norway's most famed powder paradise!

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Ski Touring Around Narvik cover. Author Mikael Af Ekenstam.
Ski Touring Around Narvik cover. Author Mikael Af Ekenstam.
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You might know about the oppurtunities for skiing in and around the Narvik and Ofoten area. This is the home of Narvik, Riksgränsen, Björkliden and Abisko. The ski resort of Narvik has the best lift-accessed skiing in Scandinavia, while Riksgränsen, right at the border is an international favourite for spring skiing.

Around these ski resorts there is a fantastic mountain landscape with a lot of variation in the character of the ski terrain. Many spectacular mountains are only accessible by ski touring, and this is the definitive guide to those. 

Ski Touring Around Narvik covers 82 mountains and six traverses in Narvik, Skjomen, Ballangen, Efjorden-Tysfjorden, Bogen-Grovfjorden, Gratangen-Lavangen, Hunddalen, Riksgränsen, Björkliden and Abisko. 

This comprehensive guidebook is written by Mikael Af Ekenstam, resident of Narvik and experienced mountaineer. When Powder Magazine visited Narvik to write this piece about Scandinavia's most spectacular powder paradise, Mikael served as their guide.

Several world class photographers have contributed to the book. Ski Touring Around Narvik describes a wealth of routes in a spectacular landscape for ski enthusiasts on both sides of the Norwegian-Swedish border in Northern Scandinavia.

The first edition of this guide book was originally published in 2004 in norwegian as Toppturer rundt Narvik - see the norwegian version here. This new and updated version includes aerial photos and customised maps to supplement the route descriptions.

About the author

Mikael af Ekenstam (born 1971) is a former professional skier who has lived in Riksgränsen and Narvik since 1993. He still skis almost every day during winter and spring.

«If somebody mentions ski touring and northern Norway, most people probably think about Lofoten Islands and Lyngen. Strange enough Narvik is practically unknown even though the little town offers some of the best backcountry skiing in Scandinavia.»

  • - Mattias Fredriksson, senior photographer for Powder Magazine and Backcountry Magazine

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Publisert 13. mars 2019 kl 10.23
Sist oppdatert 13. mars 2019 kl 10.23
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