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The Sunnmøre Alps, an Outdoor Guide

If you're going to western Norway, you should be spending as little time as possible indoors. And you'll be needing this, the ultimate outdoor guide to Sunnmøre and beyond!

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The Sunnmøre Alps, an Outdoor Guide by Stig Helset, Fredrik Sigurdh and Eirik Vaage
The Sunnmøre Alps, an Outdoor Guide by Stig Helset, Fredrik Sigurdh and Eirik Vaage

The title of the book tells us that the focus is on the Sunnmøre alps, but in fact this book covers much more. This is a complete outdoor guide to activities you can enjoy in this pristine part of northwestern Norway, inbetween Ålesund, Molde, Åndalsnes and nearby. 

Alpine ski touring is one of the top activites in the Sunnmøre alps, but you have tons of beautiful climbing and bouldering spots as well. The book doesn't even stop with "classic alpinism", it goes all out and showcases biking, hiking, paragliding, scuba diving, surfing and windsurfing. It also gives you tips for longboarding spots - wouldn't it be great to try that on the famous Troll's ladder road? 

The Sunnmøre alps is a guide that tells you that everything is possible, and it will show you how. It comes with beautiful pictures and useful illustrations of climbing and ski touring routes, overviews over organized ski slopes, ice climbing routes, and more. Among the information found in this book there is also useful practical information about travel and accomodation. Perfect for planning a trip, or several, to this beautiful region.

About the authors

Stig J. Helset is an experienced mountain hiker nad skier who has summited each peak described in the book, he has had the editorial responsibility for the contents and created most route sketches and suggestions. He works as Associate Professor in norwegian at Volda University College.

Fredrik Sigurdh is a swedish alpine enthusiast based in Ålesund who has tourism development in Sunnmøre as a passion. He leads several projects in the region focused on business development and project design.

Eirik Vaage from Volda has the main responsibility for photographs in the book. That includes action shots from skiing and climbing as well as aerial photography of the many peaks featured in the book. He is also responsible for the longboard and surfing chapters. He is joint owner and part of the team running the media houise Frost Media.

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Publisert 26. mars 2019 kl 10.42
Sist oppdatert 26. mars 2019 kl 10.42
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