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The Lyngen Alps - Skiing, Climbing, Trekking

A complete guide for alpinism in our arctic alps. This awesome book covers climbing, ice climbing and ski tours as well as summer hikes and day trips. Discover Lyngen!

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The Lyngen Alps by Sjur Nesheim and Eivind Smeland
The Lyngen Alps by Sjur Nesheim and Eivind Smeland
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Written by local experts with real experience and knowledge of virtually every nook and cranny of the Lyngen peninsula, The Lyngen Alps is as complete a guide as you can find, covering activities you can enjoy all year round. 

Covering a vast and complex area from fjord to peak to island and sea, this guidebook will have you occupied for years. It ranges all the way from the mainland near Nordkjosbotn to the northernmost tip of the Lyngen peninsula, by Nord-Lenangen and Lyngstuva.

You might already know of Lyngen if you're reading this. This area is world famous for the quality of its' peaks, the extreme experiences it offers and the feeling of wilderness and dramatic scenery in the middle of the arctic. It's a place that can raise the most complete of alpinist, without ever leaving for the actual alps.

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The book gives a lot of attention to safety and reliable information, providing useful information about everything from weather to steepness, access points and approaches to recommended ski or climbing routes, with difficulty grading. The book contains beautiful pictures of every peak, line and trek it suggests. There are several maps of the area, but if you're serious about longer tours we recommend getting a proper map of Lyngen as well.

We have a special offer in our store for a map of Lyngen together with this book! Note: The map is a supplement to the book Ski Touring in Troms, not The Lyngen Alps

About the Authors

Sjur Nesheim (b.1952) is a legend among Norwegian climbers. He has numerous first ascents in one of his beloved areas; the Lyngen Alps. 

Eivind Smeland (b.1966) is a climber, skier, and a Lyngen enthusiast. In 2012, he completed his dream om summiting all the 145 peaks in the Lyngen area. 

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Publisert 21. mars 2019 kl 15.01
Sist oppdatert 21. mars 2019 kl 15.01
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