nick pearce
Lagt ut Mandag 26. november 2018. kl 23:03

Dynafit beast 108 ski with Tecton 12 binding and Dynafit skins


One session old 108 Dynafit beast with Fritschi Tecton 12 binding and the pre cut Dynafit skins to go with. Every thing is in good condition and was skied on for about 3 mouths last year total about 25days. the ski is 181cm long and the binding is set for 27.5 boots and can be adjusted up and down one size. This is a really nice wider touring ski with a very good more skiing orientated binding on it. will sell the ski and skins for 4500kr ski, skins and binding 9000kr Am open to a sensible offer. Also can ship but is not include in the price.

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