tourskiing in Norway

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> >In the middle or in the end of march I am planning a one week wintertrip
> >Hemsedal or Geilo for about 25 students. Besides piste skiing we would like to do
> >ice waterfall climbing and tour skiing. We are all alpine climbers and
> >skiers. I would like to have some information about the possibilities for
> >tourskiing routes, the possibilties of ice waterfall climbing spots and
> >costs for hiring a mountain guide to join us in our activities. Besides I
> >would like to know what is the best time in the winter to do this
> >activities. If you can help me or know some adresses of people who can
> >me, I really would appreciate that very much!!
> >Sincerely,
> >Yvo Snoek
> >Van Lieflandlaan 94
> >3571 AE Utrecht
> >Holland

Hemsedal is probably way better than Geilo, since that valley got it all. Not much ice climbing in Geilo. Valdres is also a good alternative, with good ice climbing and a couple of ok ski resorts. You can do a lot of nice ski touring in march in the mountains between Hemsedal and Filefjell (Valdres)
Good luck!!


Hvor Keeeeeeg er ikke jeg?? Ingierkollen er stedet à väre om vinteren! Skal kjöre ned bakken med porschen min, kegster som jeg er

Hemsedal is definitely your best choice. It has one of the best ski resorts in Norway (way better than Geilo), and good mountains to do off piste skiing off. Moreover it is well known for ice climbing.

I dont know any guides in Hemsedal, but Thomas Carlstrøm at the sport shop "skandinavisk høyfjellsutstyr" may be able to help you. The phone number is +47 32 09 00 67.