Who is the best Norwegian jibber?

Hey we love you scandinavian guys but we have are debating about who is the best Norwegian jibber. Is it Lars Veen or what"s his name Sunny Bjorkheim or something...? Any new guys coming up, we want to see what ass they can kick in Mamouth next season.

from a team of guys in California, USA

We are having a generatin change in Norway now. The hottest name now is Espen Linnerud, Andreas Haatveit PK Hunder. They are young and will kick ass!

and we all know that jamMachine is not from usa, you stupid little man. You`re just som lame-ass-thinking-you-are-on-of-the-best-norwegian-jibber and wonders if anyone else out there has recognized you.. am i right? by the way it`s spelled like this: mammoth. haha....ass.... the best in norway today is most def Eirik Naess and Lars Veen.

Lars is solid, PK Hunder is this years newcommer, and both he and his buddy Espen Linnerud are very good! Erik Neass is kind of an" outsider, but he is also tearing the parks apart! and those who has bin in the game for a long time, like Sondre, well they"re very good.. and Christoffer Gjerde, a guy that always skis better before and after a competition.. There is a reason why Andreas Håtveit has won so many competitions, and then there"s this huge mass of up and comming.. lots of them!
- And Grete, lets not forget her! and Elvis is also a really great guy!

Thanks for the helpful replies. We are maybe doing a trip to Europe next season and wondered which resort has the best park for freeski. We have heard that Voss, Hemsirdal and Are are good.

Hemsedal, Hafjell, Trysil,Varingskollen and maybe Tryvann next year... Varingskollen and tryvann is nearest oslo...

Awsome park with a lot of cool rails! Is also beeing improved next season with even more rails and jumps! Just 20 min from oslo center! Must be checked out man!

narvik powah