Norge Snowpack this year? --Sunnmore Alps in May?

Hi All,

Apologies in advance for the english post -> Coloradoan (USA). I'm planning a ski/climb trip back to Norway for the third year in a row (can't get enough), but sadly havn't made enough progress with the language.

Anyways, since I know most of you probably speak english just as good as me, I thought I'd post this question in hopes that you could give me an idea where the current snowpack sits in comparison to "average"?

I've read that the Sunnmøre Alps can be good for touring in May, but wanted check in advance in case the winter this year was unusually dry this year.

Many thanks in advance for any information you're willing to share.


Hi Sean,

This year, the main concern with the snowpack here in Norway has been avalanche danger, not lack of snow.

I do not have firsthand knowledge of the conditions in Sunnmøre, but most places around the country have had more snow than normal - some more than in decades. Temperatures have now started to rise quickly and conditions could change quite a bit in a month, but I'm relatively sure there will be a lot left to enjoy in May - at least at altitude.

You can find updated snow depth here, and avalance forecast for Sunnmøre here.

Enjoy your trip!

Many thanks for the info and links! Glad to know Norway got hammered with snow like the Alps this year. It sounds like there should be something to ski mid May when I arrive.

I'll keep an eye on avy conditions, but imagine most of the wet slides will be taking place the next few weeks with the warm weather.

I was trying to determine if it made sense to fly further north to Tromso, but based on the snowpack link you provided it looks like most of the snow is further south. Planning to take a car from Oslo to Stryn, Jotunheim, etc.



 Sunmøre still has a lot of snow , but now conditions are difficult with a lot of snow slides , and last couple of days with rain up to 1000meters and some snow higher . In sunnfjord / Jølster it was raining at 1200 meters in western part , but snowing at the eastern part and around Hurrungane.