New Creek Boat from Pyranha, for sale, as over purchased boats for the season.

Blue/White, still wrapped up, brand NEW. Currently in Sjoa, but can bring to Voss 26th June. Open to offers.

Length 254cm
Width 66cm
Volume 280l
Weight 23kgs

What Pyranha Say:
The Shiva - Ultimate Steep Creeker

The Shiva has a rounded hull, soft stern chines, a high bow rocker and loads of volume in the bow and stern.

These features give you softer landings on big drops, rear driving force when you want it, awesome boofability and resurfacing capability. The rounded & high deck, with a high centre of volume, countering a low centre of gravity for easy rollability.

If you are running big drops and pushing harder lines the Shiva is the one you want.